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Business Central readers are the leaders in their companies and their industries. Our most recent membership survey tells us our readers are business owners, CEOs, presidents, and senior managers. That means when you advertise in Business Central you’re reaching the people who make the final decisions on purchases for their businesses and organizations.


92% or nine out of 10 readers tell us they prefer to do business with other Central Minnesota businesses. What’s more, almost 60% or six of 10 readers say they are likely to give preference to Business Central advertisers when making business purchases.* Business Central magazine is the best business-to-business choice in central Minnesota.


Circulation: 6000 business owners and executives in Central Minnesota

Job Title: 87 percent CEO, Owner, President, Senior Management

Pass Along: 68 percent of our readers pass their issue of Business Central on to at least one other person

Age: 35 – 54

Gender: 70% male; 30% female

Industry: 32% – Business Services; 18% – Retail; 16% – Manufacturing/Wholesale; 14% – Government/Non-profit; 11% – Personal Services; 9% – Other

Employee Size: 28%: 1-4; 35%: 5-24; 23%: 25-99; 14%: 100+

To explore advertising opportunities call or email Melinda Vonderahe at 320-656-3808.

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