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From a renovated gas station to a state-of-the-art shelter, Vicki Davis has spent her career connecting people and pets.

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You Can’t say that!

By Betsy Lund Ross

Understanding your rights is tricky, but important when monitoring employees’ social media accounts.

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downtowns are here to stay

By Lynn McDonald & Logan Anderson

How they will look could be a different story

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five strategies for facebook groups

1.8 billion people use Facebook Groups every month. They’re a great for building communities around a certain topic, whether it be maple syrup harvesting or tips on small business marketing. Here are five strategies you can use to build and maintain a Facebook group for your business.

corporate sustainability must be a priority

According to the World Economic Forum, commercial buildings, including offices, are responsible for 40% of global energy consumption and 33% of greenhouse gas emissions. So how can your business start reducing your energy consumption?

four day work week?

In 2022, 33 companies in the US and Ireland completed a six-month trial of a four day work week, and found a positive impact on company performance, productivity, and employee wellbeing. Employees working the shortened week reported less stress and fatigue, plus improved work-life balance and satisfaction. Could a four-day work week be right for your company?

is your job application process frustrating?

Making the application process as easy as possible has never been more important considering the highly competitive labor market. Despite a looming recession, job seekers are still being selective. If your application process is frustrating, you could be losing out on valuable candidates.

The next era of the internet

Want to give Web3 a try for yourself? Here are some Web3 browsers and apps to explore with.

May I have your attention please? Check out the Sunset Spectacular in action.

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