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an Ideal arrangement


What started as a childhood dream as become a lasting legacy for Rhoda Paurus.

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it’s real and it’s here

By Ari Kaufman

Central Minnesota businesses are getting creative to combat inflation.

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Digital Accessibility

By Kelly Cane

You may think your business is accessible to all, but have you looked at your website lately?.

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Online Only

Simplifying tax time

Good record keeping year-round can make life easier at tax time. Knowing what you need to keep and for how long is the first step in developing a good recordkeeping system year-round. Here are some tips to help you do so..

The death of social media?

The future landscape of social media seems to be shifting thanks to a new app called Mastodon. While giants like Facebook and Twitter exist as a platform to broadcast your message to as many people as possible, the future of social media appears to lie in smaller, community-focused spaces where users can have deeper conversations.

Make Your meeting motivating

Coordinating collaboration amongst team members is key to success. One of the biggest tools for doing this? Your weekly team meeting. Learn 5 tips to hosting a team meeting that leave employees feeling motivated and connected.

flexible employee payment solutions

As cost-of-living is still in crisis mode, workers are looking for more flexible payday timing. While workforce is still an issue as well, this may be an area of opportunity for employers to set themselves apart by offering flexible payment solutions. Here are some ideas for how you can structure your employees’ paydays to their benefit.

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