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A passion for the industry coupled with a fierce love of family and community make Rich and Jodi Erkens of Audio Video Extremes stand out.

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By Tricia Schleper

Setting achievable goals starts with understanding your strengths and core values.

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Podcasting as Marketing

By Michelle Henderson

Podcasts can be an effective marketing strategy for almost any business.

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Leaders facilitate, not dominate

As a leader, it’s natural to feel the need to have all the answers. But is that hindering the effectiveness of your meetings? These tips can help you facilitate and not dominate your next meeting.

Get the most out of your interviews

When conducting job interviews, there are standard questions that help you get to know the candidate better, and then there are the questions that really dig deep. What are they?

innovation in the accounts payable industry

The process of accounts payable is time consuming, disjointed and often expensive in a number of ways. Fortunately, the future of finance is embracing technology, and it looks to be much more efficient. Learn more about how fintech is change accounts payable. 

unlock growth with persuasive language

The right language can influence other people, get their attention, make meaningful connections, and persuade them toward a sale or another desired action. How does that work?

the fight about free trade – references

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leadership program

Applications are open through the end of May for the 2023-2024 Leadership Class. Click Here to learn more and apply online. 

Now trending : the future

Want to give ChatGPT a try for yourself? Click here to get started. .