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hard work & determination


Business owners Erin Lucas and Mateo Mackbee agree, vision and hard work matter, but, you can’t succeed without the help of others..

2022nd Bc Cover

Building a value-added sales team

By Doug Cook

Here are 7 steps to implementing a true sales force transformation.

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Tactics that pay off

By Erin Perry

Choosing the right marketing mix is important to your customer experience and your bottom line.

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Online Only

a place to belong

The concept of the metaverse still remains an abstract thought to most people – but that doesn’t mean it’s not important. In fact, 80% of consumers feel more included within the metaverse than in real life. So what does that mean for marketing in the metaverse?.

hire the best without paying the most

As the entire country continues to face hiring challenges, the answer always seems to come back to what a job is paying. Could there be more to finding the perfect candidates? These four ideas can help you attract the right person for your job opening – beyond the pay range.

qr code comeback

Very few pieces of marketing technology have had quite the comeback as the QR code thanks to contactless preferences that came out of the pandemic. So how can you use this tool to your advantage? Here are some tips you can use to enhance your marketing efforts with QR codes.

(new) word on the street

Every year, Merriam-Webster adds words to their collection. Sometimes founded in pop culture, sometimes becoming popularized first by academic circles, this broadcast talks about the journey these words go on to earn their spot in the dictionary.

wanna pizza me?

Picnic Works debuted their Picnic Pizza Station in early 2020. The machine automates the sauce, cheese and topping placement. The future of pizza is here. Want a bite?

fragility vs resiliency

What makes a business resilient? By Nazimuddin Shaikh and Lynn MacDonald

This story first appeared in the November-December 2022 issue of Business Central Magazine. A list of sources appears below.


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