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This old barn


When Randy Schmitz entered the wedding and event business, people didn’t get married in barns. He’s changed that.

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Meaningful action

By Carl Newbanks

It’s no longer just a preference that companies give to important causes. It’s becoming a requirement.

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Investing in issues

By Ari Kaufman

ESG investing calls into question just how important the bottom line is.

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How will AI affect your industry?

We have only skimmed the surface when it comes to the applications for AI. It will undoubtedly reach every industry sector in some way. Predictions as to how it will affect different industries are interesting

marketing and dei: why they must coincide

DE&I has been top of mind for most companies in 2023. How should we be thinking about DE&I when building it into everyday marketing strategy? How do we make it authentic? There are several things to consider.

the key to 15 minute meetings

According to an analysis of Microsoft Teams data, the 15-minute meeting is the fastest-growing block of time that workers and bosses are scheduling. If your next meeting can’t be an email, maybe it can just be 15 minutes.

how (and why) to focus on an aging workforce

While the majority of the hiring focus appears to be on Gen Z, employers should hesitate to ignore the baby boomer workers. These employees, between the ages of 57 and 75, are staying in the workforce longer than ever before. By 2031, over a quarter of the workforce will be over 55.

want more tips on being persuasive?

Check out Magic Words by Jonah Berger:

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