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Dr. Fred E. Hill
Fred is a professor of Learning Resources and Technology Services at St. Cloud State University. You can reach him at or (320) 308-4834.

Tracy Knofla
Tracy is inspiration and humor all wrapped up in one! Who could ask for more?  Tracy lives by the motto, “If it’s not fun, I’m not doing it!”  She’s adamant that training is serious business that doesn’t have to be serious. For more than 25 years, Tracy has conducted hundreds of outstanding presentations, seminars and workshops. She is a co-owner and a featured presenter for High Impact Training, a nationally recognized training and development company based in St. Cloud, MN. Tracy loves to share her talents and inspires others to change their lives. You can reach Tracy at

Mary MacDonell Belisle
Mary helps businesses and non-profits craft effective communication messages and celebrate – in spoken and written word – their unique stories and visions. As owner of St. Cloud’s “mary macdonell belisle – writerforhire” her projects – from A through W – include ads, articles, blogs, direct mail letters, newsletters, press releases, radio, speeches, reviews and web copy. She is also a contributor to Business Central Magazine and Ch!cks Magazine. Always, her goal is to write clear, concise, correct, creative, customized, and compelling copy. Mary has 25 years of experience in the arts, retail, finance, and human services. You can reach Mary at

Kelly Radi

Kelly Radi is an author, public speaker and owner of Radi to Write, LLC, a public relations writing firm. Kelly thoroughly enjoys empowering parents as they launch their students off to college and can be found speaking at high schools and on college campuses about this emotional transition. Kelly also crafts strategic website and marketing content for businesses, blending her PR expertise and passion for the written word. Her creative writing appears regularly on various websites, blog posts, and in regional and national magazines. Her book called Out To Sea: A Parents’ Guide to the Freshman Voyage was released in September 2016. Learn more about Kelly at

Greg Vandal
Greg Vandal is the sole proprietor of Vox Liberi, a consulting business that delivers planning and project management services to clients in the public, private, and nonprofits sectors.  He is also a partner in PEER* Solutions, a business that delivers Professional Educator Evaluation Resources in the public school sector.  Greg can be reached at or through


Dawn Zimmerman
Dawn is CEO of The Write Advantage Inc., a St. Cloud-based communications company that specializes in social media. You can reach her at or (320) 558-9997.

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