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Table of Contents May/June 2020

President's Letter:   2020 AC (After COVID) 6
Editor's Note:   Grace Under Fire 8
Top Hats:     13
Network Central:     18
Cover Story:   RITEGUY   Becoming a global company was not part of Bruce Hagberg’s business plan. But that’s what happened.. 32
    TELEHEALTH   Remember the good old days when you could call your
doctor for healthcare advice? They’re back.
    WOMEN WHO RUN   A historic number of women are running for office...
and changing the face of government in the process.
UPFRONT   Valuable and important information designed to guide and educate. 10
BUSINESS TOOLS   Useful tips and intelligence on how to continue to grow your business. 20
BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT:   Frank Imholte, Black Diamond Auctions 46
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ONLYONLINE:   Podcast Starter Guide    
    Creating Charisma      
    Influencer Marketing      
    Task Management

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  • There’s a big difference between launching a podcast nobody listens to and launching one that enhances your brand. Investing in the right equipment, choosing the right theme, and staying consistent are three ideas in this Podcast Starter Guide.

  • Ultimately charisma is all about how you make people feel.  The good news is, you don’t have to be born with charisma, you can learn it! You just need to follow a few key steps.
  • Consumers respond well to the brands that are creating real experiences and building meaningful connections with them. Influencer marketing involves a brand collaborating with an online influencer to market one of its products or services. Influencers can be anywhere and they can be anyone.  The main benefit of influencer marketing is the acceleration of trust.

  • Tasks such as returning emails or filing paperwork may not seem as important as setting corporate strategy or mentoring employees, but they still need to get done. One way is to batch your less important tasks and accomplish them in one fell swoop. The Harvard Business Review shares other ways to accomplish those less desirable, albeit necessary, tasks.

  • The formula is clear: Minnesota firms that export, outperform those that do not.
    Grow Minnesota! Partnership is the Minnesota Chamber’s private-sector business retention and assistance program conducted with 90-plus local chambers and economic development organizations. Partners had confidential one-on-one conversations with nearly 900 business owners and managers in 2019, including 155 visits in Central Minnesota, many completed by the St. Cloud Area Chamber and the GSDC. Central Minnesota trends are representative of what we are seeing statewide, as reported in Grow Minnesota!’s year-end executive summary.

  • Payroll tax credits are available now to help employers providing COVID-19-related leave to employees.
  • Managers make about three billion decisions each year, and almost all of them can be made better.   In a three-month study of 100 managers, the Harvard Business Review found that managers who made decisions using best practices achieved their expected results 90 percent of the time, and 40 percent of them exceeded expectations.  The good news is that there are ways to consistently make better decisions by using practices and technologies based on behavioral economics.

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